Theater - Full Lengths

Title Theater Director Year
Life & Trust (Contributing Writer) New York, NY Teddy Bergman 2024
Homeowners (workshop) Playwrights' Center Ben McGovern 2018
You Across From Me (co-writer) Actors Theatre of Louisville Jessica Fisch 2018
Take Care (workshop) Playwrights' Center Tracy Brigden 2017
Ye Bare and Ye Cubb (workshop) Playwrights' Center Jessica Fisch 2016
Empire Travel Agency Woodshed Collective Teddy Bergman 2015
Alexandria (workshop) NYU/Playwrights Horizons Mikhael Tara Garver 2015
The There There (workshop) Theatreworks Palo Alto Courtney Sale 2015
The There There (workshop) Denver Center for the Performing Arts Courtney Sale 2015
The There There (workshop) New Harmony Project Courtney Sale 2014
A Frontier, As Told by the Frontier Source Festival Lee Liebeskind 2013
Crown of Shadows Round House Theater Blake Robison 2012
The National Lottery (workshop) The Inkwell Lee Liebeskind 2011
Fornicated From the Beatles American Repertory Theater Mikhael Tara Garver 2011
Mourning Columbia Stages Mikhael Tara Garver 2008

Theater - Shorter Works

Title Theater Director Year
Exits (co-writer) New Georges Rachel Karp 2021
Human Resources [Radio] Playing On Air Jade King Carroll 2019
Tantalus Red Bull Theater Craig Baldwin 2017
Sleep Now Red Bull Theater Evan Yionoulis 2015
Agnosiophobia The Flea Theater Rachel Karp 2014
Let Me Tell You What I See... Collaboraction, Chicago Anna Bahow 2014
Some Prepared Remarks Actors Theater of Louisville Les Waters 2014
Touched Red Bull Theater Risa Brainin 2013
Exburb Actors Theatre of Louisville Abigail Bailey Maupin 2013
A Brief Guide/P... ICA/Boston Mikhael Tara Garver 2012
Cyanocitta Samuel French Festival Mikhael Tara Garver 2012
And the Eyes... Garden Plays Lillian Meredith 2011
Personal History, Volumes I-V Ensemble Studio Theater Jessica Fisch 2011
Skull (Less Three and Twenty) Red Bull Theater Wendy McClellan 2011
A Brief Announcement Greenpoint Open Studios Cabaret Adriana Baer 2010
Aequinoctium MFA New Voices Festival Kim Weild 2010
Whisper Together, In The Dark The Inconvenience, Chicago Ryan Borque, John Holt 2009
The Hardly Wonder Samuel French Festival Jess Smith 2009
Checkpoint Samuel French Festival Mikhael Tara Garver 2008
The Suicide Of The Glutton Columbia University Adriana Baer 2008